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Shaikh Moeenul Hack

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Deputy Chairman

Mr. Charles Ogle

Mr. Charles Ogle currently serves as the Private Sector representative on the Ethnic Relations Commission for 2023- 2026. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Commission.

Mr. Ogle has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Consultative Association of Guyanese Industries for the last two (2) years. Additionally, he served within the Ministry of Labour for twenty- five (25 Years) and was the Deputy Chief Labour Officer. He is also a member of the Public Service Commission. He served at the Guyana State Corporation for eight (8) years as the Sport Organizer, and Enterprise Management Officer. He started his career as a trained teacher and spent seven (7) years in the education sector.


Pandit Krishn Sharma

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Neaz Subhan

Commissioner Neaz Mohamed Subhan has decades of experience in the Media and the performing Arts, – which makes him a household name in Guyana.

His career in the media started as Editor of “News Today”, – a news and current affairs program aired on CNS-Channel 6 and subsequently Managing Editor at Guyana News Network (GNN) for its online Newspaper.

From 2007 up until June 2015, Mr.Subhan held the position as Director for the Government Information News Agency (GINA), before serving in several managerial posts at the National Communications Network (NCN), formerly GTV. There, he served in the capacity of Special Projects Manager, News Editor, Assistant Television/Radio Coordinator, Programme Manager, Head of Graphics and Coordinator for “Guyana Today”,- the morning talk show which he also co-hosted for 10 years.

In addition, Commissioner Subhan hosted other television talk shows including “The Factor” and “Let’s Talk”.


Presently, he is the Chief Executive Officer (ag) of the National Communication Network.

Subhan’s experience in local theatre is enormous, which has seen him being an accomplished stage/film director and actor for many years. He has been listed on the International Movie Data Base (IMDB) for his appearances in some popular Guyanese films. Apart from that, he has written a number of stage plays including a unity play,-“I AM US”. He won “Best Playwright Award” in 2013 for the play “When Chocolate Melts” and directed numerous stage plays including some popular Bollywood movies adapted for stages like “Tulsidas”, “Dosti” and “Bhagban”.

Commissioner Subhan authored a number of short stories and poems and for a number of years wrote, produced and directed the annual satirical television series, “This Is We”.

His social involvement with several non-governmental organizations over the years, especially the Indian Action Committee (IAC) has led to his nomination as Commissioner on the Ethnic Relations Commission ERC where he sits as representative for the Indo-Guyanese Constituency. Worthy to mention also, is that he was a former Member of Parliament.


Norris Witter

Norris Emanuel Witter hails from No.65 Village Corentyne, Berbice.

His Professional Career dates back to 1969 as a School Teacher at Christianburg Secondary School, Linden.

After spending 3 years in the teaching profession, Commissioner Witter took up the position of Junior Manager at the Guyana Rice Board.

It was not long after that that his love for the local Trade Union Movement grew and he became a full time Trade Unionist in 1983.

He then went on to serve as President of the Guyana Trades Union Congress, in two non- consecutive terms.

Presently, Commissioner Witter is the President of the General Workers Union.

Apart from being an avid Trade Unionist, Norris Witter is a sport enthusiast and enjoys listening to music by well-known artists such as Bob Marley, Sam Cook, Aretha Franklin and Miriam Makeba.

He is also happily married with four children.


Rev. Rodwell Porter

Rodwell Alphonso Porter was born in Georgetown, but had his early education at Linden. His family returned to Georgetown and he continued his primary education at the St. Ambrose Primary. He later attended Christ Church Secondary and Queens’ College.

He holds both earned and honorary doctoral degrees from the Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad, West Indies, and CICA – International University and Seminary in Texas, U.S.A. Through CICA, he has been appointed a member of WOLMI International Consulting Cabinet and a United Nations Peace Ambassador.

Dr. Porter is the Christian representative on the Ethnic Relations Commission. He has been a Minister of Religion for the past thirty-six (36) years and serves in the Church of the Nazarene as a Pastor. He also served as District Superintendent and Head of his denomination in Guyana from 2003 to 2022. Since 2011, his denomination has appointed him as the Caribbean Field Director for the entire English, French and Dutch speaking Caribbean, and is currently serving in that position. He also served as the Chairman of the Guyana Council of Churches.

Dr. Porter has served on numerous State Boards, Community Boards and Councils including the Country Coordinating Mechanism for the Global Fund, the National Malaria Commission, National Youth Commission, and also as a President of the Parent Teacher Associations at Secondary Schools in Georgetown.

He has a deep and abiding interest in education and currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Caribbean Nazarene College and the immediate past Chairman of that Board. Dr. Porter has been a member of the Accreditation team visiting Theological Schools in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Dr. Porter is married and has three (3) adult children. His hobbies are playing and watching sports, reading and meeting people. He has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia and as a direct result has a very broad perspective of life.

His personal motto is, “it is better to aim for the skies and miss it, than to aim at nothing and hit it.”


Mr. Dwayne Adams

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Ashton Simon, MBA, MPM

Ashton Simon was born at Paramakatoi Village, Pakaraima Mountains, Region 8.

He was educated in Georgetown at Christ Church Secondary School and received his tertiary education from the University of Guyana and the American University of Peace Studies where he obtained a MBA in Strategic Project Management.

Currently, he holds the position of Indigenous Relations Specialist within the Ministry of Natural Resources and serves on the Board of Directors for the Amerindian Land Titling Project.

Commissioner Ashton Simon is the Founder and President of the National Amerindian Development Foundation.

He has a military background and once held the portfolio of Army Communications Specialist in the Guyana Defense Force.

He served in various capacities in both civil and private sectors.

His concept that education is the driver to propel, promote and develop Indigenous Peoples general status, is a generating factor for his advocacy on Indigenous Rights on the Ethnic Relations Commission.

Mr. Simon was once a recipient of the Pakarimas Award for services to society by Caribbean Voice- a local Non-Governmental Organization.

Commissioner Simon is an untiring, enthusiastic ambassador for Amerindians and other Guyanese throughout Guyana.


Ms. Chandrowtie Sarran

Chandrowtie Sarran was born at Patentia Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara.

Commencing a journey in the teaching profession from 1995 as an acting teacher to Graduate Senior Mistress (GSM), which resulted in 22 years in the classroom as a Mathematics teacher at Zeeburg Secondary School, along with other duties assigned. The function at the school level led to interaction with parents, more specifically women.

Mrs. Sarran is a member of the WPO – Women’s Progressive Organisation, which serves an important role in women’s empowerment in Guyana, both at the personal and professional levels. Presently,

Sarran is currently the Head/Secretary of the Firearms Department at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

She is the host of a Hindu religious programme ‘Radio Anand’ which enlightens the public on sacred Hindu scriptures. The show is aired on Sundays from 11a.m on MAAD Radio 97.5 Fm.

Family time is spent at the mandir and serving mandirs through the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (GHDS). Leisure time is spent learning and teaching Hindi and Sanskrit. She also participates in ‘Making Scratch’ an online programme that involves important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. It is applicable to other areas such as Mathematics, Hindi, Sanskrit and Social messages.

Currently, she is pursuing a Master in Business Administration – Specialization – Digital Marketing.

Mrs. Sarran was elected to serve as the Women’s representative on the Board of Commissioners of the Ethnic Relations Commission for the period 2023-2026.


Mr. Deon Dick (Ras Khafra)

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